Wine Chatter with Vaudeville’s Beverage Director: Dylan Ricker,

Vaudeville Bistro | Fredericksburg, TX

Typically, I stroll down Main Street Fredericksburg, TX to meet friends for lunch or
maybe even a glass of vino but decided to stop in Vaudeville Bistro to have a chat with
the sommelier. I set up a 3 PM meeting with Beverage Director, Dylan Ricker although
arrived early on a picture perfect day, thus giving me an opportunity to walk through the
main floor, a shop designed for home décor yet orchestrated to make you gander at all
the unique lifestyle offerings. My favorite, a custom made “Teckell” foosball table that is
truly a gem. More on the living space floor:

I was quickly welcomed by Sarah, a sales associate with a warm smile making the visit
even more welcoming. Her personality like others that frame the personnel are an
integral ingredient designed by the owners, driving the distinctive personality at Vaudeville.

Shortly thereafter, I stepped downstairs to the bistro. A lively area, full of conversation
filled by consumers having lunch. I noticed Dylan at the bar doing what he does best,
exploring new wine offerings being presented by a distributor rep and a wine supplier.
Luckily, I slid into the presentation which brought back days of old when I was a wine
buyer studying for my sommelier certification. We tasted five wines from around the
world, each offering rarity and varying price points. It was fascinating to watch Dylan’s
poker face at work and what drives his decision process but could see he was looking
for highest quality for the best price. Almost thinking ahead to his wine club members
needs and beverage needs across the Vaudeville outlet arena. He decided on a Napa
Cabernet Sauvignon, Matthiasson which presented an incredible price point so a shoe in
for Vaudeville “The Supper Club” fixed menu, by-the-glass offering.

We then strolled over to a wine retail area within the bistro where I asked him to select a
wine to discuss. Each of the wines were personally selected by sommelier Dylan so a
wall of artisan wonder. In my case, a playground to discover need based on regional
passion and what food to pair upon purchase. Decided to capture a quick video and hear
his perception of a wine and learned this was a wine selected for the Vaudeville Wine
Club, an exclusive avenue that creates an elevated experience for their members.
What drove home the experience during our time together is Dylan’s passion within the
food and beverage industry. Vaudeville and the Texas Hill Country are quite blessed to
have him. His demeanor and professional style raises the bar of the ever growing charm
that makes Fredericksburg a destination.

Check out the Fact Sheet on the wine here.

Vaudeville, Fredericksburg, TX